Interior Design Done Differently in Detroit

Creating Spaces That Matter

You spend 87% of your time in a built space.  Don’t you think these spaces should make you feel good?

It’s our duty to put people first in the spaces we create.

We’re different here at RL CONCETTI.  We know it.  We thrive off of doing design differently. Getting our hands dirty and digging in. Collaborating with the people around us.

Our passion is helping people express themselves with their spaces.  We aren’t about making your interior pretty (although that’s often a by-product)– we are about having your space say something, feel something, mean something.  Here’s the thing though. Even feeling something really amazing in your space isn’t quite enough.  Your space needs to work for you.  It needs to serve you and your people.  Not the other way around.

We understand that white marble, although glorious, is not the right choice for your bar. Or that although we’re in love with the idea of a stunning open staircase, the prospect of your dog or toddler falling through that open staircase makes your life harder and scarier.  We listen to you, to the words you’re saying, and more importantly the ones you’re not.

We design for your life, your clients, your employees.  Whether you are building a dream, a house, a room, or an office, RL Concetti will leave you with that gut feeling that something is just “right,” that you just belong there. 

Hard to find people that keep their word.

We loved working with you guys because you actually did what you said you were going to.

Don Duprie

Dangerously Delicious Pies Detroit

I was not expecting the depth of what you guys presented to me. I wasn’t expecting so much depth into our brand and our identity.

Deveri Gifford

Brooklyn Street Local Detroit

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