Wyandotte Dining Room The clean monochromatic backdrop creates the perfect canvas to highlight this client’s colorful artwork and accessories from their travels around the world.
Canton living Room The many layers of textures and materials used in this space create a stylish, yet inviting living environment that is perfect to entertain in or unwind.
Ann Arbor Kitchen Plenty of natural wood elements, sunlight, and a main hub to gather is a reflection of our client’s rich culture in this tailor-made kitchen.
Health Care Clinic Concept A waiting room centered around a fireplace serves as a gathering area to calm patients' nerves, promoting holistic healing. Natural materials highlight the arts and crafts inspired architectural details giving warmth to the space.
Downtown Plymouth Living Room Combining natural textures of distressed leather, travertine, and copper is the perfect backdrop to display this clients daring and colorful art collection of local Detroit Artists.

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RL Concetti: Creating Spaces With Significance

Architecting beautiful tailor-made spaces with a reflection of you.

At RL Concetti we believe in conceptual design – design is deeper than beautiful finishes. Design dictates all actions in life because it narrates our experience in built spaces. Whether you are building a dream, a house, a room, or an office, the first step to a successful space is conceptualization. RL Concetti will make it happen.

Our conceptual design process is comprehensive, creative and soaked in culture – bringing function and aesthetic together. It generates that gut feeling that something is just “right.” That everything belongs for a precise reason. Conceptual design is not literal. It is unique and thought provoking and challenges delivery of a vision in a new way.

Timeless design improves the quality of life and helps give power to purpose. By approaching each client’s space from a conceptual standpoint, RL Concetti gets to the root of who you are, how you live and your life’s intention. The result is a one of a kind space that addresses your purpose – be it to bring a new dream to life, unwind, entertain, start a family or a business. We give your aesthetic relevance that is uniquely tied to who you are and who you want to become.

Our Residential & Commercial services include:

  • Interior Design - Execution of full design includes conceptual development, selections, communicating with vendors/contractors, and project management
  • Space Planning - Effective layouts are arranged to reflect the use of the space
  • Design Consulting - Professional design expertise and suggestions
  • Commercial Concepts - Strategic implementation of a company’s brand combined with optimum functionality resulting in a one of a kind concept.


First, Concept. Then, Design. - Thierry Brunfaut