Our Process

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again.


It’s not about us and our egos and how grand we can make something.  It’s about you.  Your people.  Your needs.  Your community.  We are Interior Design Strategists, but we’re collaborators at heart.  We’re here for you.


the RL Concetti process

We are Interior Design Strategists, and collaborators at heart. We believe our six-step process built on the foundation of collaboration is the “secret” to our success. The RL Concetti team is there with you every step of the way. It’s about you. Your people. Your needs. Your community. We won’t stop until we get it right. Together we will create the best solution for your space. We’re here for you.


get to know you

You may not know the solutions but we will once we get to know you. Together we will identify your wants & needs and assemble the best team to tackle your project.


solve for you

This is where the fun begins, our team will synthesize information and begin to dream big as we co-create a design solution. Focusing our efforts on the needs of people will ensure your message.


select for you

We continue to collectively develop the vision by solidifying exact pieces and materials. We’re not just picking things that are beautiful we are picking things that have meaning, that say something, but most importantly reflect you.


communicate the vision for you

Construction drawings aka the nitty gritty… but don’t sweat it, we got you. We will cross our ‘t’s and dot our ‘i’s, triple check, and crunch numbers to ensure our solution is communicated well to the right people.


advocate for you

This is the exciting part, construction begins and things can get messy. BUT Don’t worry, we’ll put our hardhats on, check in on the the job site, handle questions, schedule deliveries, and of course communicate throughout the process, bringing you nothing but peace of mind after all that’s what we are here for.


customize for you

Can you feel the sigh of relief coming? We’re almost there! We will add thoroughly conceived final details such as art work and accessories that speak to your message. This will ensure that the original vision we created together will be brought to fruition.This leaves you nothing more than to acclimate to your newly finished space. Lets walk through it together and answer any last questions… We did it!!!

We are RL Concetti. Let’s get started on your design now.



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